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Cavalio Complete Care Kit

Cleaning, maintenance and care designed specifically for Cavalio floors

Cavalio’s range of modern and exceptionally stylish luxury vinyl tiles are perfectly suited to a contemporary living space, be it a kitchen, living area, bathroom or dining room. Cavalio flooring is hard wearing and exceptionally easy to look after, and making it even easier and fuss-free Cavalio has produced a Complete Care Kit that includes every product needed to clean, maintain and care for every type of Cavalio floor.

The Cavalio Complete Care Kit includes:

Metallised Floor Polish Stripper

A heavy-duty ammonia-free formulation for the removal of all types of emulsion floor polish; economical to use and incorporates low-foaming surfactants with excellent rinsing qualities.

Matt Finish Floor Protector

A heavy-duty sealer polish for use on all Cavalio floor surfaces; designed to protect and preserve showroom condition. May be used neat or with up to five parts water.

Orange Cleaner

Orange combines the natural cleaning power of pure orange oils with other powerful agents to make an all-round friendly cleaner; Orange removes general grease, grime and dirt from all Cavalio vinyl floors. Usually used with warm water, it can also be spot-applied in a stronger concentration for stubborn stains.

Furniture Protectors

Perfect for protecting floors from damage caused by heavy furniture, a large rectangle (suitable for custom-cutting) and two sizes of dense fibre adhesive-backed circular discs ensure Cavalio floors have their own cushioning. 21 Protectors in total.