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Three new collections in the UK

Cavalio recently introduced 3 new collections at the Harrogate Flooring – LIGHTLINE, CONCEPTLINE and PROJECTLINE. All are heterogeneous PVC floorcoverings based on photographic reproductions of natural materials with a transparent wear layer and a factory-applied polyurethane surface treatment. Each range offers a superb choice of finishes, impressive durability and a wide range of design options.


Close enough to mistake for the original, but much more durable.
LIGHTLINE is ideal for those that place great value on comfort and contemporary design. Its 30 harmonised stone and wood effects combine the fascination and aesthetics of natural materials with the advantages of technically well-engineered flooring. LIGHTLINE is the ideal floorcovering for any home; it’s affordable, hard wearing and its polyurethane (PU) surface treatment ensures easy ongoing maintenance. LIGHTLINE fulfils every design requirement with a variety of borders, inlays and feature strips to choose from.
Tile dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5cm, 45.7 x 45.7cm, 30.5 x 61.0cm.
Plank dimensions: 10.2 x 91.4cm, 15.2 x 91.4cm.


For every requirement, for every room; unlimited options.
CONCEPTLINE is a superb choice for housing interiors and light commercial areas. With a 0.3mm wear layer, CONCEPTLINE ensures lasting beauty and offers floors with fascinating finishes; stone effects from some of the most stunning natural stone and slate designs in the world and beautifully grained wood effects ranging from subtle familiar designs to innovative works of art! Both styles deliver the utmost in authentic design and elegance and offer virtually unlimited options for creative floor design through the use of borders, inlays and feature strips.
Tile dimensions: 45.7 x 45.7cm, 30.5 x 61.0cm.
Plank dimensions: 10.2 x 91.4cm, 15.2 x 91.4cm.
Wear Layer: 0.3mm.


Individual planning, stunning design and superb durability.
The PROJECTLINE Collection is designed specifically for heavy commerical and residential interiors and is ideal for covering large spaces with flooring that is both durable and extremely stylish. PROJECTLINE offers realistic surface textures with a large range of stone and wood effect finishes and features a heavy-duty 0.55mm wear layer. An array of borders, inlays and feature strips all provide stunning visual options to enhance any room or space and the polyurethane (PU) coated surface treatment assists with ongoing maintenance.
Tile dimensions: 30.5 x 61.0cm, 45.7 x 45.7cm, 45.7 x 91.4cm, 30.5 x 91.4cm.
Plank dimensions: 10.2 x 91.4cm, 15.2 x 91.4cm, 18.4 x 121.9cm, 20.3 x 121.9cm, 30.5 x 91.4cm.
Wear Layer: 0.55mm.
Cavalio is committed to the environment and the sustainability of all its products. All three collections are fully recyclable and feature a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) rating.